BIGSOUND 2014: July Talk Explain The Aussie-Canadian Kinship

Having spent a good part of the day getting caught up with all of the awesome Aussie acts at BIGSOUND 2014, we decided to spend some time with a few visitors from abroad. We were lucky enough to sit down with all five members of Canadian outfit July Talk to discuss their love of Aussie music and the Aussie-Canadian kinship, which vocalist Peter Dreimanis says he can’t quite explain, but “we should keep it going, because we’re both old Brits at heart.”

“I love Australian bands,” Peter told us. “I don’t know too many that are playing BISOUND. We were just told about Lurch & Chief, so we want to see them… But there’s so many awesome Australian bands, like The Birthday Party and The Drones, but they’re not playing BIGSOUND.”

We also asked the group how they’ve been enjoying their time in the other end of the Commonwealth. “That’s kind of the most exciting part about it, everywhere we’ve been as a band, at least one of us has been there before, maybe some American cities, but it’s not really the same. For us to all be able to go somewhere together that we haven’t been…” Peter began. “It’s like a family vacay, a sweet family vacay,” added vocalist Leah Fay.

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