BIGSOUND 2014: Left. On Making Their Debut Album ‘Sirens’

Things are on the rise for Sydney’s Left. and in between showcases and shows at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND 2014 we managed to catch up with bandmates Sarah and Jono to find out a little more about the project and what they’ve got in store for the next few months.

As Jono explains, they came together after each working collaboratively with members of the One Day crew for some years. After a few years of experimenting and trying things out, two two announced their debut album, Sirens, is already complete.

“For us it feels like it’s been going for quite a while and we’re ready to keep moving,” said Sarah of the project. “We’ve been making more music and getting ready for the second album and EP and stuff.”

Sirens will make its debut some time in early 2015 with a new single to be released in the next few weeks. From then, watch out for some tour dates.

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