BIGSOUND 2014: Mr Hill & Rahjconkas – “It Comes Down To The Love Of The Music”

It’s a busy time for Wagga Wagga based producer and Brisbane emcee Mr Hill & Rahjconkas, with the final touches being made to their forthcoming record, which they informed us will be called Parallel. BIGSOUND 2014 provided a major opportunity for the boys to do their thing in front of industry bigwigs and they told us they weren’t letting that go to waste.

“It’s made us bring our A-game because we know it’s such an important show we’ve actually prepared for this one now and we’ve got elements for this show we’ve never done before,” they explain. “We’ve got live instruments involved and theatrical parts we’ve brought to the show.”

Mr Hill & Rahjconkas say the new record marks a progression in their sound. “On this album we’ve really taken that stance to produce together and make music in the same room,” they explain. “So it’s given us a really good chance which has shown our maturity. I think we can both speak on higher levels that our maturity in the music has come through a lot on this album.”

While they’re still holding out for a label signing, take note Suffa, they’re confident their music will speak for itself. “That’s what it comes down to, the love of the music. notoriety and status and everything will come once your music gets heard.”

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