BIGSOUND 2014: Nick Allbrook Is “Omnipresent”

You know a guy’s busy when he has to leave Tame Impala just to fit in all of his other projects. That’s why we felt lucky to get some time with Pond frontman Nick Allbrook at BIGSOUND 2014. We spoke to Nick about his many debut albums and the bizarre, Monty Python-esque scenes that can occur at BIGSOUND.

We also asked Nick about the critical reaction to his solo debut, Ganough, Wallis & Fatuna, which was released earlier this month. “I read some review and it didn’t really say anything. I can’t believe how many words can say so little. So I don’t even know, I guess they liked it,” he explained.

As for whether we can expect any Nick Allbrook solo shows soon, he said, “I’m just gonna see what happens, I don’t have any plans to go around except for doing some shows as Pond, but not myself as yet. I’d like to.” When asked if he would consider opening for Pond, essentially becoming his own support act, Nick said, “If I was sickened by my omnipresence, I can’t imagine how other people would be sick of it.”

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