BIGSOUND 2014: Remi On Being Independent

Triple J Unearthed 2013 winner and Melbourne MC Remi, along with Dutch and Sensible J sat down with Music Feeds’ Mike Hohnen at BIGSOUND 2014 to chat city rivalries, award season, doing things independently and keeping relaxed.

“We stay as calm as possible for as long as possible going into a show, because you really just want to go out there and be relaxed,” explained the MC before letting us in one of the worst experiences he had with nerves the first time he performed for triple j.

At the time of our interview, Remi had just been nominated for the Carlton Dry AIR Independent Music Awards. “We’re just happy to be here,” said Remi of the nomination. “We just like making music that we like to hear and because obviously we have no label at all we’re doing it independent.”

“We don’t have anybody telling us what to do. It’s on us and we just do what we like, so putting it out there and then someone nominating that for an award is just crazy to us.” Their independent work ethic seems to have paid of with the MC scoring not only the award for Best Independent Hip-Hop album with sophomore effort Raw X Infinity, but also picking up the Carlton Dry Global Music Grant, worth a cool $50,000!

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