BIGSOUND 2014: Spookyland On “Playing Well And Having Fun”

Spookyland, the musical creation of Sydney-sider Marcus Gordon, have one goal in mind, “Playing well and having fun.” Joined by bandmates Liam, Nick and Nathan, Marcus set aside some time to tell Music Feeds’ Mike Hohnen why that is during Brisbane’s BIGSOUND 2014.

“It’s all we’re interested in really… Doing what we love,” the band said. Spookyland’s debut single The Silly Fucking Thing has now been followed by the EP Rock And Roll Weakling, which is full of reverberant guitar, dark blues tones and brazen vocals.

On their not-too-distant future, the group noted that they are set to play in the US, admitting that the opportunity wasn’t really expected. “We’re going to go to America for CMJ in November,” Marcus said. “So that will be good… We didn’t expect it. But blogs overseas just seemed to respond [to the EP].”

Spookyland will play Sydney’s Surry Hills Festival on Saturday, 27th September 2014.

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