BIGSOUND 2014: Sydonia’s Dana Talks Bringing “Heavy Music” To BIGSOUND

In the midst of our BIGSOUND 2014 interviews, Music Feeds managed to catch up with Dana Roskvist from Sydonia, who was enjoying meeting a whole lot of people on his first ever BIGSOUND experience.

“Everyone’s really supportive and they’ve been supportive of the fact that this year is the first time there’s been heavy music at BIGSOUND,” he told us. “So a lot of people are really behind that and they’re really willing to meet and talk about opportunities.”

While leaving the schmoozing to the band manager, Dana let us in on what’s been happening in the Sydonia camp since we last spoke, confirming that they’re already stuck into writing the follow up to this year’s Reality Kicks. “Sam was like, ‘It took so long to do our last album, and I really want do something that’s really urgent, I want to record it fast and write it really fast.’ And I was like, challenge accepted,” he said.

“That urgency carries through in the music as well,” he added. “It’s a bit heavier, a bit faster.”

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