BIGSOUND 2014: The Funkoars – “Contrary To Popular Belief, We Do Write Lyrics”

We had an interesting conversation at BIGSOUND 2014 with Adelaide hip hop crew The Funkoars, the first part of which cannot be accurately transcribed in here in text. You’ll just have to watch that.

Fans will be excited to know the outfit used their BIGSOUND time well and just finished recording a brand new track with Ash Grunwald. That will find it’s way onto a new full length due out sometime early next year.

“Number five for us so it’s exciting and terrifying at the same time,” they explain. “We’re currently knee-deep in the writing of the whole thing and we’re taking this one with a slightly different approach.”

“Contrary to popular belief, we do write lyrics. So we will be writing lyrics for this album,” they joke. “You can’t think about this type of crap off the top of your head, it’s something you’ve got to work at.”

The Funkoars are not giving much else away about the record other than the fact that they’re working with some of their favourite producers of all time, which includes a mix of Australian and international names.

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