Birds Of Tokyo On Writing A Record Like ‘Brace’ And Returning Home To ‘Heavy’

Native rockers Birds Of Tokyo definitely made some waves with the announcement of their new record Brace. Using the operative word “heavy”, the band unleashed the title track from the album, ushering in a new age of heavy for the outfit. We caught up with the band ahead of the release to get to the bottom of it all

Maiden single Brace was by far the heaviest track offered from the band. As it turns out, it wasn’t some meticulously planned attempt to muscle into a new genre, instead, the band explain, they were, “Honestly, listening to lots of metal”.

“I have years of metal and metalcore stuff to catch up on. I started talking to my friends who were very in that world…I started discovering and that made its way into writing.”

More than a stylistic choice, the new sonic direction was also a functional one as they looked at ways to add more energy into their live show, therefore making Brace a “somewhat semi-perfect storm.”

The album is heavy instrumentally, but also thematically. Brace, the single, was a clear and present indication that the band weren’t happy with the world, or as they describe it: “The general imbalance we see in front of us.”

Not to scare people off, though. Brace does contain moments of lightness and a reprieve from the sonic assault, with the overall vibe being one of hope.

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