Interview: Caitlin Park At Bigsound 2012

Hailing from Melbourne, Neo-Folk artist Caitlin Parks caught up with the Music Feeds team while the music community gather for this years instalment of BIGSOUND.

Following the success of her EP Warriors With Wild Hearts, Parks went straight to the next level, releasing her debut full-length Milk Annual in 2011. As Parks discusses, this was a big moment in her career, making her a much more imposing force, something Australia artists will miss out on until they release the big full length album.

Her vividly textured music combines the best aspects of folk and film. Having studied both arts, Parks has devised a way to seamlessly and effortlessly fuse the two together. Her love for Film Noir dialect and the aural sensibilities of the genre, which she applied directly to her music, was one of the key reasons Parks took 1st place at the recent SOYA ceremony, earning her some one-on-one studio time with legendary producer Lee Groves (Black Eyed Peas, Janet Jackson). That will take place this coming October, so keep those ears open for some new Caitlin Park tunage.

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