Cash Savage And The Last Drinks – ‘Pack Animals’

Cash Savage And The Last Drinks have gifted us with a LOLtastic new music video for their latest pub-punk jam ‘Pack Animals’, which was written about a joke that the band no longer finds funny.

Namely, the phenomenon of random dudes approaching them at shows with unsolicited advice, prefaced by the words “The gig was great, but…”

Cash & co’s rollicking new anthem tackles the concept of how this kind of toxic masculinity affects everyone, but the serious issue has been brought to life via some comical visuals, which see the trio channelling their inner Shutterstock actors and actresses.

Lately I’ve been looking at stock images and thinking about how the actors are set up in ‘real life’ situations that don’t look like real life at all, and we just accept all these photos in our everyday world” Cash recently told Noisey.

Also, the statement’s in the lyrics, and I fucking hate acting. I wanted to create something that was watchable, that didn’t require a whole lot of acting talent from myself.” 

‘Pack Animals’ has been chopped off CSATLD’s forthcoming album Good Citizens, which is due out on September 21st via Mistletone Records/Inertia.

Check out the riotous clip above.

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