A.D.K.O.B. – ‘Helium’

Sydney indie outfit A.D.K.O.B. have unveiled a hypnotic music video for their slow-burning new single ‘Helium’.

The song — an autobiographical tale of sickness and death — comes from the personal experiences of frontman Mark Piccles.

“When my grandfather passed away, the one thought I couldn’t shake was his inability to communicate with us,” Piccles says.

“Pop was sick for a long time, and by the end he was barely able to make a sound. Death isn’t beautiful. Most people don’t get the chance to say goodbye. That elusive chance to unburden oneself or others under the cloud of mortality is not a given.

“‘Helium’ was written in the immediate aftermath. It was my own way of communicating what I couldn’t express verbally. The song is a reminder to myself to be open, communicate and connect as often as possible. Because one day everything we say will come out wrong, or not at all.”

The song’s accompanying video, produced by Melbourne video artist Benjamin Ports, “is a reflection of the abstraction of communication” according to its creator.

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