Darren Hanlon – ‘The Chattanooga Shoot Shoot’ (Live)

Singer-songwriter Darren Hanlon is preparing to release his new studio album Where Did You Come From?, and recently graced Music Feeds with a live performance of album cut The Chattanooga Shoot Shoot.

Hanlon performed an acoustic version of the conversational track, which references Harry Warren and Mack Gordon’s 1941 track Chattanooga Choo Choo. The song tells the story of a shoot-out on a bus near Chattanooga, Tennessee, with some clever rhyming lyrics from Hanlon, including the choice line, “Everyone stopped talking and we all looked at each other / Not knowing if to write ourselves a will or duck for cover.”

Before his unplugged, church reverb drenched rendition, Hanlon gave us some insight into the new record. “I toured around the southern states of America. I went looking for the birth of popular music,” he said. “I wanted to see it, I wanted to witness it first hand. And in the process I accidentally recorded an album. It was about 27 musical strangers who played on the album and six bullet holes.”

Hear the story behind those bullet holes in The Chatanooga Shoot Shoot. Hanlon will release Where Did You Come From? on Monday, 2nd March, and is currently touring nationally until mid-April.

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