The Dead Daisies – ‘Song And A Prayer’

Rock n’ roll supergroup The Dead Daisies continue to cruise high atop a wave of success kicked up from the release of their new album Make Some Noise, sharing another video for their new single Song And A Prayer.

Just like everything else The Daisies’ touch, the music video for Song And A Prayer is about as epic as can be. Informed and sustained by the narrative of the song, the two marry up perfectly as they depict an unfurling love story between two lovers that the world may not approve of. A modern day Sk8r Boi, if you will.

The Dead Daisies continue to take the world by storm via their next-level live performances. Over the past months, they’ve proven their mettle in the international touring trenches, supporting the likes of KISS and also embarking on their first US headline tour.

With their new video shot and filmed in Queensland, you just know The Daisies have a soft spot for Australia, so no doubt they’ll be bringing it down under soon.

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