Deap Vally – ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’ (Live At Music Feeds Studio)

Deap Vally recently passed through Australia for a whirlwind promo tour, giving local fans a preview of their debut album Sistrionix, due out in May. With the band currently turning heads and pricking up ears wherever they go, it figures to be an impressive 2013 for Deap Vally.

Deap Vally is the duo of Lindsey Troy (sings, guitars) and Julie Edwards (drums), with the pair having a reputation for producing rock ‘n’ roll with plenty of lady balls. Latest single Gonna Make My Own Money is indicative of Deap Vally’s independent spirit and shows off the band at their thrashing, bashing best.

Gonna Make My Own Money follows on from previous singles End Of The Wold and Lies and from the looks of things Deap Vally’s first LP is shaping up to be one hell of a introduction to the Californian babes.

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