Interview: Deep Sea Arcade – Developing And Changing

Having only just returned from taking the UK and most of mainland Europe my storm, Deep Sea Arcade are back to have a similar affect on their fellow Australians. Members Nick and Nic stopped by for a quick chat with the Music Feeds team, with a special guest appearance from guitarist/stylist Jimmy. 

The band’s latest release Outlands has simply gone gangbusters, finding serious connection with not just fans, but media and taste-makers all over the world. This isn’t the first time the lads have travelled across the world playing music, and at this rate, it certainly won’t be their last. Showing total disregard for the ‘what happens on tour, stays on tour’ mantra, the lads give some great insight into the happenings of their adventures abroad, which include finding some amazing local talent, and partying it up in a French mansion while filming a clip. 

The success of the record has inspired the band to keep the energy high. Already, the team have put pen to paper as they prepare for a follow-up release. Heading for a short writing holiday in the UK, the band’s current tour is the time to catch them, before the venues just start getting bigger and bigger.  

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