Dreamers Crime – ‘I Believe In You’

Sydney riff-crushers Dreamers Crime have unleashed the video for their thundering new single ‘I Believe In You’.

The first cut of their forthcoming debut album No Compromises is an epic piece of “new hard rock” that would totally slay on the soundtrack to WWE Summer Slam.

“Sometimes to get to where you wanna go, you have to say – f*#k what others have to say and just go for it,” says frontman Pete Repousis of the band’s forthcoming LP.

“People sometimes over-compromise and end up the person they don’t want to be or in a place they never wanted to be in. Sometimes, for the sake of your beliefs and your dreams, you have to say no. That is where the album name No Compromises came from. We didn’t want to compromise on this record and neither should our fans have to accept any less from us.”

Debut single ‘I Believe In You’ comes packing a music video that builds intrigue before hitting an angry moshing climax.

Check it out above.

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