The Drones – ‘To Think That I Once Loved You’

Melbourne garage rockers The Drones have unleashed a music video for their latest single, To Think That I Once Loved You.

It’s the second single taken from their forthcoming seventh studio album, Feelin Kinda Free, which is due to hit our ears on March 18th.

The new single is a far cry from the band’s previously-released political spew-jam Taman Shud, which controversially called out right-wing political commentator/buzzkill Andrew Bolt.

A press release describes The Drones’ new album as “not like other music. It is not your stock jock ‘modern’ retro rehash, rather an avant avalanche of everything coming back to haunt you”, adding:

“It explores themes such as koro syndrome, the fruits of western imperialism, ISIS, celebrity chefs, seaside statecraft, beach-bum race riots, Rupert Murdoch, the new middle eastern/european diaspora, the spectre of neofascism, Hugo Boss, Luftwaffe psychological warfare techniques, girls, sweet revenge, capitalist consumer psychosis, body image dysmorphia/mania, Gertrude Bell, eating people and selling yourself, having great skin, leftist utopianism, scientific triumphalism, E.T. and the mindless assumption that alien lifeforms would be nicer than us simply because of their technological superiority.”

The video for To Think That I Once Loved You is dark, smoky and minimalist, much like the single itself. Check it out above.


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