Eli Wolfe – ‘Turn’ (Unplugged At Music Feeds Studio)

Eli Wolfe recently visited Music Feeds Studio and delivered a psychedelic performance of his acoustic ballad Turn. While in the studio Eli settled into the couch and had a jolly good chinwag about his latest EP, Perfect Moment.

Recorded in only 4 days, Eli told Music Feeds that with Perfect Moment he was looking to create a fuller album that is richer in instrumentation than his pervious releases.

“I wanted to make the sound a little bit larger than the last EP, in context of the ambience as well. The last EP was recorded in four takes, live,” Eli explained.

“As an independent [artist] I’d like to grow this one but still keep that connection with the previous EP. Just to show audiences that know me for playing me acoustic stuff that there’s a band element in it, as well.”

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