Elizabeth Rose – ‘Division’

Elizabeth Rose’s touching new track and call-to-arms for marriage equality Division has had its video debut today and it features the story of a couple being… well, a couple really.

Written to voice her support for the ongoing same sex marriage debate Division breaks down the bullshit of some of the anti-marriage equality arguments and the vid ramps it up further, portraying a young gay couple dealing with your average relationship stuff, like meeting the parents and contemplating popping the question.

It’s a beautiful depiction of a romance with some truly lovely cinematography, especially in the underwater scenes, and properly brings to light the truth behind why allowing people in love, regardless of orientation, to get married, makes all of the sense.

Division is available via Rose’s website on a pay what you choose basis, with proceeds going to AME to fight for the rights of those currently discriminated again. Head here to buy the song and donate to a worthy cause.

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