Interview: Ellie Goulding – Facing Fame

Ellie Goulding is currently in Australia for a promo tour and a special one-off intimate gig at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory to showcase her sophomore album Halcyon. The buzz around the pop sensation is almost palpable as Goulding continues to amass millions of fans and record sales around the globe.

Praised for her powerful voice that at times can teeter on the edge of control, Goulding has rocketed from relative obscurity to a household name over the last two years since the release of 2010 debut Lights. With the world now watching the 25-year-old, Goulding finds herself very much a public figure, whose personal life is at times as accessible as the music she makes.

Relaxing in a deserted bar in Darling Harbour, Goulding gave Music Feeds an understanding of the scrutiny that comes with success. To be exposed through one’s music is a courageous enough act in itself, yet Goulding increasingly finds herself the headline of certain media outlets that are overeager to wring out every last sale or ‘hit’ from her personal life.

Still, Goulding gives off a vibe of gratefulness as she talks about the side effects of fame. Writing in a more unguarded manner then ever on Halcyon, Goulding understands that the openness of her lyrics entices listeners to look beyond the music. Most people in their 20s are still figuring out who they are, yet Goulding seems self-assured as not only a professional musician but also as a potential role model.

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