Fait – ‘Chasing Youth’

Perth-born dream pop artist Fait, AKA Elise Higgins, has unveiled the video for Chasing Youth, a follow-up to her debut EP Atmosphere.

The track has a slow build up, all jangling guitars and soft beats, and the video is an ethereal collage of nostalgic images of an idealistic childhood. Think hazy summer days spent running around yellowing fields and warm evenings spent gripping sparklers around a fire. Purely instrumental, the track is an example of euphoric dream pop in one of its simplest forms.

In a central moment of the video, the protagonist seemingly reaches out to touch a younger version of himself and the soft-edged imagery seems to be asking us what happens if we can physically catch that most coveted of things, youth.

For those who might not be familiar with Fait she makes gorgeous cinematic instrumental tracks full of reverb and plenty of suspense and she recently signed to Sydney label Inertia Music. Her first EP was produced by My Bloody Valentine-producer Darren Lawson and she is currently working on a second.

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