Floating Points – ‘Nespole’

Eschewing all the tropes we’ve come to associate with dance music, Nespole, the opening track from his forthcoming album Elaenia sees UK producer Floating Points at his most minimal. While it warrants a mention that this is an opening track and not a single, and therefore it probably serves as more of an introduction to what is to come on Elaenia, matched with this amazing video, it works beautifully as standalone piece of music and vision.

Directed by Sander Houtkruijer, the video showcases the physical dynamism of dancer Kiani Del Valle, the choreography tailored specifically to the song. Matching Del Valle’s intricate work with the minimal electronica of the track and some incredibly well realised yet simple camera movement, Houtkruijer achieves that rare feat of music video direction – a video that at once services the atmosphere of the track while also expanding on it and enriching it.

Played out as a kind of call and response dance-off between a white clad and rigid movement prone Del Valle and her black clad and fluid moving doppelganger, the video highlights the contrast between the various musical elements on the song. Del Valle does an amazing job translating the song’s sharp rhythms into movement, however it is when she is channeling the song’s bubbling bass-line that she is at her most captivating. Twisting her body through a series of liquid contortions, her kinetic energy seems to drive the song forward, rather than the other way around. Truly stunning.

But a tiny taste of what is to come from Floating Points, that such care and artistry has gone into such a peripheral release suggests that the forthcoming LP will have even more to offer.

Floating Points is set to arrive in Australia this December for a run of DJ dates including a visit to Meredith Music Festival. ‘Elaenia’ is out Friday, November 6th on Pod through Inertia

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