Future Classic DJs: Nathan & Chad Talk Compilation, Artists, Releases, And The Future

It’s currently all hands on deck at the Future Classic HQ. Following the release of the company’s Future Classic DJ’s Compilation, label bosses Nathan and Chad sat down with Feeds to chat artists, releases, and the future of Future Classic.

Featured on the release are names such as Danny Daze, DJ T, Perseus, Soul Clap Pharao Black Magic, and German’s own Tigerskin. The release was recorded live in Berlin through Beatports new Mixes platform.

Though it’s one of the younger, greener names on the list that has caused the most fuss – Flume. The young producer was picked up by the label after finishing as runner-up through a SoundCloud remix competition they facilitated. Already with the Sleepless EP out, the lads discuss their current plans of clips, a new 12″ and another remix competition.

The conversation turns to the concept of producing to vinyl. Nathan and Chad discuss the plausibility behind the idea: that rather than it being a nostalgic gimmick, there is actually a strung resurgence in demand, not so much in Australia at this point, but sales would suggest it’s catching on quickly.

To sign off, the lads sound off a whole bunch of releases that you can expect from the ever-eclectic record label; be sure to pay attention!

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