Future Music Festival 2015: Klingande Talks Debut Album Plans & “Very Acoustic” New Single

French deep house producer Klingande (real name Cedric Steinmuller) sat down with Music Feeds at the Sydney leg of Future Music Festival 2015, to talk through his latest single and his plans to release a debut studio album.

Discussing his new single, Riva, which he played at the Sydney leg of Future, Klingande said the song marks a step into new territory. “I was thinking about a new song, but I don’t want to be categorised like ‘Klingande is saxophone’, so I try something new,” Klingande said.

Klingande also elaborated on working with Broken Back on the “very acoustic” song. “We took one year to make it…. When you work with someone else, you both have to be happy with the arrangement,” he said.

The incredibly busy producer also said he’s hoping to have his debut album out in the next 12 months. “I would love to, if I have time… I think this year it’s going to be here, I hope,” Klingande said.

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