Future Music Festival 2015: The Prodigy Talk Lazy DJs & Performing New Songs Down Under

English electronica heroes The Prodigy recently sat down with Music Feeds at the Sydney leg of Future Music Festival 2015, to talk through the group’s illustrious career, performing new tunes for Aussie fans and what’s behind their forthcoming album, The Day Is My Enemy.

Discussing his recent comments on the world’s “really lazy” DJs, The Prodigy’s main man Liam Howlett said it’s not the only thing which has inspired the group’s next album.

“It’s just a view, and subject matter for some venomous lyrics, and to me, a good laugh… For music to be taken seriously, we can’t have people just bringing usb sticks and plugging them in and just playing pre-mixed shit, that’s not on… The album’s about us, our struggles, that’s where the anger and the energy comes [from].”

The boys also discussed their forthcoming Sydney headline show. “It’s an opportunity to play some more new songs, because when we play Future we’ve only got a certain amount of time they allow us to play for,” Howlett said.

“So when we do a solo show, we can play for longer and throw in some more new music that people haven’t heard before.”

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