Iggy Pop – ‘Sunday’

Ever wondered what Iggy Pop does on a Sunday? Well this video for Sunday – the latest single taken from his kick ass collaborative album with Josh Homme Post Pop Depression – answers that question, giving fans a bonus insight into Homme’s seventh day activities to boot.

I’m a little disappointed to be honest though, as despite having lots of paranoid cutaways of pop drinking coffee and doing tai chi, the video is pretty tame. Mind you maybe it’s all an implication that the years of drug abuse have left him jumping at shadows and having to resort to eastern philosophy to calm his nerves. In which case it’s actually pretty intense. Good thing there’s plenty of serene overhead drone shots.

Josh Homme meanwhile seems to spend his whole Sunday cruising and chopping wood, which I’m willing to bet good money is just a real subtle masturbation joke.

Anyway the two eventually meet up to perform the song (despite seemingly being entirely different parts of the country), because of course they do. What else did you expect to happen?

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