Illy Talks Progressing ‘Two Degrees’ At A Time And Finding The Confidence To Do So

Today marks the release of Illy’s shiny new album Two Degrees. For the past few weeks, may of us have woken up, and gone to sleep to tracks off the album, suggesting that this is going to be a big release worthy of all our attentions. So, we thought we better speak to the man himself about what went into the release.

As Illy explains, the album name is informed by his approach to business, growing two degrees at a time. “The whole idea behind two degrees is, I think I’m at the best point I’ve been in creatively….And that’s the product of making small changes over time.”

Already, we’ve heard Papercuts fearing Vera Blue and Catch 22 featuring Anne-Marie. The tracks contain some fairly valid life lessons, but as Illy explains, he doesn’t want to lecture his listeners. Rest assured, there’s “a lot of different things” on the album, but plenty more lessons.

Those are just two of the amazing collaborations on the album, which includes another unexpected guest in the form of Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall. Here, Illy talks us through the selection process behind his collaborations, and why Jenna was an absolute no brainer.

The dates are now set for a run of album launches – mostly sold out. So the new wave of Illy is descending upon us all.

‘Two Degrees’ is out now. Grab a copy here.

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