Interview: Alpine Talk Yucky Stuff And Inspiration Behind The New Album

Phoebe and Lou from Melbourne indie-popsters Alpine have been travelling the globe playing shows all over and caught up with Music Feeds’ Harry for a chat all about their new album Yuck and the yucky stuff that inspired it.

Talking about the title of the sophomore album, the girls let us know that the concept behind the album is “a reaction to yuck stuff! Yucky shit!”. When pushed for the gross details, the pair revealed “yucky love stuff… growing, getting older and realising things aren’t what you thought they were. It’s quite personal”.

Touching on the difference between their last release A is for Alpine, the girls admit their approach to writing has changed, saying “I think we got a bit more comfortable and assured of ourselves with writing lyrics and understanding what we’re trying to say, where as last time we didn’t know what we were talking about.”

Alpine will be hitting the road to celebrate the release of Yuck at the end of the month, grab all the tour deets here.

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