Interview: Asta Chats Funking Up Her New Music

Devilishly talented Tasmanian singer song-writer Asta is back with some long-awaited new music in the form of bouncy latest single Dynamite, which she’s just finished touring round the country, during which she found some time to grace the Music Feeds Studio with her presence.

Chatting to Music Feeds presenter Luke after her amazing set, Asta talked about the excitement of having new music to share and the journey from being a high school star to today.

She also discussed her new ‘sound’, injecting some funk into her latest tracks. “My previous singles have had that pop sensibility, so it’s more easier to cross over into funk from there.”

As for plans for the future, she’s locking down songs for a release later in the year, but what exactly that entails is still up in the air: “I wanna put a record out but it’s about gathering those gems up and seeing whats going to work.”

Asta will be joining Melbourne rapper Allday (who features on Dynamite) for his upcoming Australian tour, kicking off in May.

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