Interview: Astral People On Keeping Things Fresh

Sydney-based artist management company and beloved party starters Astral People are one of the most exciting players on the festival scene, having helmed the super successful OutsideIn festival and their impending Summer Dance outdoor parties. According to founders Vic, Tom and Leron they’ve always had their sights set on “the next thing”.

“We’re always looking to do something which no-one has ever done before,” they explain. “It keeps things a lot more fresh, a lot more exciting and that way there isn’t as much competition really, if no-one else is doing the exact same thing.”

Three years on and OutsideIn has grown to be one of the most anticipated events on the summer festival calendar, even drawing in a visit from Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke in its inaugural year. Notwithstanding a few operational hiccups at least year’s event, the boys say OutsideIn 2014 is on track to be another successful event.

“We really needed a year like last year, where there were a few hiccups on our end, to just iron out the creases a little bit,” they explain. “This year we definitely have done that and we’ve paid attention to really fine-tuning our festival. Our main thing this year was to really nail Sydney in the hopes that maybe even one day this festival might move interstate.”

“We don’t want OutsideIn to get that big,” they add. “It’s something we like keeping small and boutique, so I don’t think we’d take it much bigger than what we’ve done this year. We’d rather start something new.”

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