Interview: BAIO Talks Australia’s Place In His Heart And The Bowie Influence

Vampire Weekend member and solo star Baio chatted to Music Feeds’ Luke when he was recently in Australia and talked about his love for us (duh) and the influence of David Bowie.

With his Melbourne show just wrapped up, Chris told us the it was honestly a very special show for him: “I said it on stage that I will remember the performance for the rest of my life. Which I think is true. Nothing terrible happened so I think I’ll remember [it] fondly for the rest of my life.”

Speaking of his inspirations the producer mastermind also told us that both Berlin-era Bowie and Roxy Music were the biggest artists that informed his music making and makes no secret of it, “I’m totally cool with being overt about that, that they’re my favourites. Calling my song Sister of Pearl… there’s something stupidly confident about that.”

Baio’s debut solo LP The Names is out this Friday, September 18th. You can pre-order it here.

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