Interview: Band Of Skulls – “We’re A Live Band And That’s Where It Starts”

Southampton rock heavyweights Band Of Skulls were just in the country for a whirlwind run of east coast tour dates to celebrate the release of their third LP, Himalayan. We managed to lure Emma Richardson, Russell Marsden, Matt Hayward into Music Feeds Studio for a quick chat.

Australian fans were eager to see the rockers onstage once more, with the band having doubled the size of their Melbourne show from their last tour. “We just have a lot of relations in Melbourne, [it was] mostly a family reunion,” clarifies Russell. He added that it was a nice change for them to tour the country on their own and not as part of a festival.

“One of the most fun things about our live shows is that the songs grow with the show,” said drummer Matt. “We’re not ones to try and re-create the record onstage, we want the two things to be different beasts. Every night it’s changing and evolving and that’s what makes it exciting for us and hopefully for people who come and watch.”

“We’re a live band and that’s where it starts. And so we always try and maintain that with everything we do now,” he added. Band Of Skulls have been enduring a lengthy three month tour with their new record and after their upcoming Glastonbury set, they plan on taking a week-long nap. Only to be interrupted slightly, explains Russell, by the World Cup final.

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