Interview: Big Dumb Kid On MFTV, Sydney 2012

Self-taught and multitalented hip hop lyricist, producer and mixer Brogan Galceran (affectionately known as ‘Big Dumb Kid’) caught up with Music Feeds to talk about his new self-made album Chocolate.

While some musicians rely on others to help them out, BDK has always done things the solo way. Despite a short stint at TAFE, he discovered the best way for him to learn music production was to take matters into his own hands.

As someone with an avid passion for video games, the sounds of his hobby can be heard in his music. The song Lost in the Chaos features a monophonic 8-bit sounding lead synth line that harps back to the soundtracks of old-school gaming consoles.

“I play heaps of video games hey, like, I’ve always played video games, so it’s a big influence on the sounds. Like I really like 8-bit sounds and stuff like that, beats and those really scratchy, dirty sounds. I love it; it’s sick.”

Compared to other Aussie hip hop producers on the scene, BDK prides himself as breaking away from the pack by using alternative sounds compared to the mainstream. While he shows due credit to Aussie bands like the Hill Top Hoods, he prefers to shoot his music into a new direction to represent a different flavour of hip hop. Currently the music being released out of New York is a personal favourite as he looks to those rappers for inspiration but admits his knowledge of the genre is still developing.

Previously his musical interests were more based in folk music with a heavy influence being Elliot Smith and also Bright Eyes. Originally playing guitar and singing these folksy, melodic sounds, these artists continue to influence his sound.

When asked about the meaning behind the name Big Dumb Kid, Brogan explains:

“I was listening to a band a lot called Xiu Xiu…in one of their songs Clown Town they’ve got a lyric where they just say ‘big dumb kid’. I used to listen to it a lot driving around with a friend, living out West. And it was just like yeah, that’s what you should call yourself, like in a joking kind of way, and then suddenly, I guess one day I was like BDK, Big Dumb Kid, why not? I like the sound of it, like Big Dumb Kid kinda sounds, almost sounds like a beat already, like Kick Tom Kick.”

Filmed, Edited and Produced by Daniel Taylor

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