Interview: Birds Of Tokyo Talk Dealing With The Backlash Of Changing Their Sound

We got the chance to chat to Adam and Kenny from Birds of Tokyo off the back of their recent sold out tour to talk about how it all went down, living in America and when to expect the next full-length album.

Talking to Music Feeds’ Harry, the guys also discussed how they flipped the way they usually write and record music, which resulted in the latest EP Anchor’s, different sound. “The band wasn’t necessarily playing in the rehearsal room, so a lot of the tracks were built in the studio first”, says Kenny of the new process, “It’s kind of a reverse role this time, which was super exciting.”

The pair also chatted about dealing with haters who disagree with the band’s new direction. “It’s the nature of doing anything different or new, but even if you stay on the same path you’ll still have people who love it or hate it. You may as well try and do things you’re interested in, because you’re never going to please everyone.”

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