Interview: Birds Of Tokyo – This Fire… Inside My Body

Birds of Tokyo are back, with their hazy, atmospheric post rock-influenced single This Fire currently burning up the airwaves. Having recently released a new EP of the same name and with Birds of Tokyo’s fourth LP due out next year, bandmates Ian Kenny and Adam Spark met up with Music Feeds to give some background on the new tracks and the currently untitled follow-up to 2010’s award-winning platinum self-titled album.

The ragtag duo fondly recalled their time with producer Dave Cooley, who worked closely with Kenny in order to further develop the vocalist’s song-crafting talents. While recording with Cooley in LA, the boys from WA had a chance encounter when certain members of The Beach Boys wandered into their studio. As the lads explained, they were taken by surprise when one of the Boys turned up in the control room and began harmonising with the band.

However, the best tale from Birds of Tokyo’s stint overseas belongs to Adam Spark, whose misfortunes left him at the mercy of the infamous American public health system. Suffering from internal pains that Spark first assumed to be appendicitis, the agony eventually became overwhelming, leading to the guitarist passing out and cracking his head open. Bloodied on the outside and bursting on the in, Sparky was whisked off to the emergency room of Hollywood Memorial.

What happened next? Well, you’ll just have to watch to find out…

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