Interview: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Talk The Line Between Band And Audience

Robert Levon Been and Peter Hayes, the songwriting core of the ever-evolving garage rock trio Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, took a moment to chat to Music FeedsJules Ferrari when they were recently in the country to promote their latest album, Specter at the Feast.

The boys discuss the impact the band’s audience have on their music, with Peter explaining how the creative dichotomy between career and hobby is ultimately in the hands of their fans. “You know it’ll be back to hobby [from lifestyle] real quick when people get tired of it,” he says.

While Robert explains the band’s paternal attitude towards their songs, likening it to raising children from birth to adulthood: “The conception is great [laughs]…then it’s there and it’s all this promise that it could be something…it goes out into the world and you really want it to find its feet.”

Robert also expands on why the band chose to begin writing new material so soon after the passing of Michael Been, Robert’s father and the band’s mentor, saying, “I kind of made a choice on this album to take the blows head-on since it was created during a time…of personal loss.”

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