Interview: Briggs – “I’m Not Planning On Being Stagnant”

Victorian rapper and Shepparton local Briggs has had an incredible 2014, releasing his acclaimed debut album Sheplife and heading out on a tour across the nation, bringing the music to the fans. And according to the man himself, he’s not done yet.

“Because I’m still very much a DIY, hands on artist, I work a lot when I’m on the road. Just on the behind-the-scenes stuff, but I’ve recently just started putting new beats into my iPhone, so that’s how I write.”

“I’m not planning on being stagnant. I’m going in, so I’ll have something in 2015,” he adds. “I’ve got a few things up my sleeve.” Before that time though, Briggs has been on the road, showcasing the album across the nation.

“It’s a good vibe getting out and just seeing how far your music reaches. To see people from places I’ve never even been,” he explains. While making it to this point has been a hard slog, Briggs says if you’ve got the drive it can be done.

“If you have the drive and the passion all you have to do is work at it, and it’s all about the things you miss out on while you’re working towards it. You’ve got to use that to drive whatever you’re doing.”

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