Interview: Buck 65 On What Makes An Amazing Show

Canadian alternative hip hop good guy Buck 65 has just wrapped his Australian tour. In-between his set at Melbourne Festival 2014 and his Sydney show at The Basement, Music Feeds’ Mike Hohnen sat down with Buck 65, real name Richard Terfry, to find out how the tour was treating him.

“It’s been pretty amazing,” Terfry happily tells us as he reveals the secret to putting on a memorable performance. “I find the difference between a great show and a not-so-great show is just if I can hear really well, so if the sound system is real good.” And how did Melbourne Festival stack-up? “It was excellent!”

Buck 65 toured behind his latest LP, Neverlove, which came in Australia at the start of October. Once the setlist was figured out and Terfry had his mix of old and new material, he asked singer and Neverlove guest vocalist Tiger Rosa to accompany him on tour.

What Buck 65 found was that his old stuff was sounding as fresh as his new jams thanks to Tiger Rosa’s take on his past work. “I’m hearing these songs in a bit of a new way,” explains Terfry, referring to songs that Rosa did not originally feature on. “Everyone that’s been doing it for a while they have something that they bring to it. Like a way they express themselves or their own relationship with rhythm.”

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