Interview: Celia Pavey On Writing Honest Music And Loving Hip Hop

We recently caught up with Forbes-born, Sydney-based singer-songwriter Celia Pavey, who just finished up her first ever tour on the back of her latest EP Bodies, to chat all about her experience on The Voice, life on the road and her surprising love of hip hop.

“I’m just constantly writing,” explains the young musician. “It’s all very honest, I like to write about real things in life, things that happen with real people that are around me and people that I love or just friends.”

“But I’m exploring different styles,” she adds. “This is really random but I really love hip hop music, I’d really love to incorporate that into the folk style.” With her time on the reality TV competition and now completing her first tour, Celia has already gathered a tonnage of music experience that belies her young age, but she’s definitely not done yet.

“I’ll probably do a few more EPs,” she says about her next step. “And we’ll see how it goes but I’ll definitely be doing an album in the long run. Or more.”

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