Interview: Chelsea Grin – Soundwave 2013

Prior to taking the stage at Soundwave 2013, Chelsea Grin’s frontman Alex Koehler caught up with Music Feeds to chat about his first impressions of Australia, and all other things Chelsea Grin.

As Alex explains, the band have had plenty of time to get the touristy things out of the way, holding a Koala, and all that jazz. Though he was bummed that a planned trip to go bowling with a group of fans was cancelled, Alex is sure that the boys will get many an opportunity to engage with their Aussie fans.

As they gear up for the release of the next full-length album, Alex explains that what we heard from their previous EP Evolve is a strong giveaway of which direction the band will be taking. He adds that the whole reason behind Evolve was to demonstrate where they were going, and the affect that new comer Jason Richardson had on the sound.

Alex also shares his thoughts on the term ‘Deathcore’ and the impact it would have on the genre if more bands just went along with it.

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