INTERVIEW: City Calm Down Talk The Long Road To Their Debut Album

It’s been over three years since City Calm Down released their breakthrough EP Movements but this Friday the Aussie band will release their debut album In A Restless House, following a hugely popular national tour.

Speaking with Music Feeds, band members Jack Bourke and Sam Mullaly said that they didn’t necessarily plan the long wait time between the EP and the album.

“We didn’t want to take ages, we were just prepared to slog it out and work out what we were doing,” said Bourke.

They created much of their EP in the studio working with computers but in order to get the album cranking they had to pull themselves out of the studio and start playing together as a band.

“Playing as a group and as a band and everyone playing their instruments at the same time helped us along,” said Mullaly.

“We shy away from recording and releasing songs that we don’t think will have the atmosphere live, getting back into playing together as a band enabled us to hone in on that,” added Bourke.

It seems people are loving what they’re hearing too if ticket sales are anything to go off. They’ve just finished up a tour full of sold-out shows and that’s before the album has even been released.


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