Interview: Darren Hanlon On Accidentally Recording An Album

Urban folk singer-songwriter Darren Hanlon is gearing up to release his new album Where Did You Come From?. Darren Hanlon is a true Australian storyteller. With a conversational manner as candid as his songwriting, the Gympie-based musician is impossibly quotable. He sat down to speak with Music Feeds about studio pressure, touring with Billy Bragg and what inspired the new album.

“I toured around the southern states of America. I went looking for the birth of popular music,” says Hanlon, “I wanted to see it, I wanted to witness it first hand. And in the process I accidentally recorded an album. It was about 27 musical strangers who played on the album and six bullet holes.”

Despite the singer-songwriter’s organic processes, he actually enjoys studio time. “There’s a pressure to it,” he says. “The clock’s ticking. I think we learn to do our best work at school because we put our assignments off to the last minute…sometimes that pressure is a good thing for us.”

We were also lucky enough to get an unplugged rendition of Where Did You Come From? track, The Chatanooga Shoot Shoot — check it out here. The album is out Monday, 2nd March via Hanlon’s own label, Flippin Yeah Industries.

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