Interview: Dead Letter Circus – “We Knew There’d Be Backlash Against The RATM Cover”

We recently got a chance to catch up with Dead Letter Circus as they embarked on a short acoustic tour of the East Coast. Speaking to the boys, you immediately get the sense that the band relishes in living outside of their comfort zone. How else do you explain their divisive acoustic cover of Rage Against The Machine’s Killing in the Name — “We knew [a backlash] was gonna happen” — or rewriting all of their songs for the acoustic tour?

“Last night was probably the most nervous we’ve ever been for a show, but the vibe was incredible. It was a really super positive fun thing,” explains Kim. “From the moment we walked on everything got easy, but prior to all that [we were nervous].”

We asked the boys if playing acoustically contributes to the nerves by eliminating any musical hiding places. “Definitely,” says Vinnie. “It was the fresh factor, it took us by surprise, but we pulled it.” According to Kim, “One major factor is we chose to rewrite all the songs, so we’re not just playing the same instrumentation and the same vocal melodies and stuff. We actually rewrote the songs.”

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