Interview: Deep Sea Arcade On MFTV Sydney, 2012

It’s been a busy year for Deep Sea Arcade, so far having released their new album Outlands through Ivy League Records in March, toured with the Kaiser Chiefs, and had another separate tour with Woe and Flutter and The Cairos.

While on tour with the Kaiser Chiefs, Deep Sea Arcade got the opportunity to get to know the heavyweights better and chat with the band’s management. There’s no word yet on how that might effect their immediate careers, but after getting the thumbs up from electronic legends Chemical Brothers for their like a version cover of Let Forever Be, we watch with keen interest! By all reports the Kaiser Chiefs were very welcoming and happy to show the lads how things get done.

Their album Outlands has also been pressed to wax, bucking the trend of mostly digital releases by contemporary bands at the moment.

“There was a US label that specalised in pressing to wax and they did. The cool thing was that they offered to press it on coloured vinyl, which was really exciting for us and for the designer Mikey Englis, who designed the record label and the cover and stuff… We got it the other day, held it up to the light, and you know, looked through it and it’s green; it’s like dark-bluey-green and it’s cool.”

The band are also collectors of vinyl themselves, having sampled drums off various records as part of their music production process saying: “I’ve got a lot of like Bateria for the beats and there’s a couple of other records that were really, really good, and I still use for drum replacing and sampling now.”

Despite the exhausting schedule so far this year, Deep Sea Arcade will continue onwards and upwards with another tour confirmed for August with old mates Bluejuice, and also The Preachers.

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