Interview: DeWolff – Bark With Even More Bite

Hailing from The Netherlands, DeWolff are currently touring Australia behind their latest studio album DeWolff IV and their first two records Strange Fruits And Undiscovered Plants and Orchards / Lupine, which have been rereleased as a double album for Australian fans.

An early education in ’60s and ’70s rock n’ roll, Afrobeat and psychedelic blues gave DeWolff an appreciation for bands of the past and the human element in rock music. Taking up their instruments while still in primary school, DeWolff’s young age belies the maturity and versatility of their sound.

Swinging by Music Feeds Studio to belt out their toe-tapping, barn-burner Crumbling Heart, band members Pablo and Luka van de Poel, and Robin Piso took the time to talk about their parents’ record collections, being the only rock band in Geleen, and improvisation during live shows.


  • Story behind song Crumbling Heart (Unplugged At Music Feeds Studio)
  • Early rock n’ roll education
  • The rock n’ roll scene in Geleen, Netherlands
  • Developing DeWolff’s sound
  • The human element
  • Bringing together different influences
  • DeWolff’s live show

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