Interview: Diafrix – New Album ‘Pocket Full of Dreams’ Recording And Production

It’s taken four years and a complete re-record, but now Diafrix are dropping their full album, titled Pocket Full of Dreams. Music Feeds caught up with the Melbourne-based band to talk about the release.

The first attempt of the record’s production was rejected when Diafrix didn’t feel like it represented their sound. Rather then accepting the results, they decided to challenge themselves to develop a new sound that hadn’t been presented to the Australian hip hop scene yet. A large amount of focus went into writing more thoughtful harmony and melodies while also trying to make the production much cleaner.

The reason for the title Pocket Full of Dreams is to draw an analogy between the band’s music and what has kept them motivated. Throughout their 10-year career, having a dream and aiming for their goals has been what kept them strong to achieve results.

“It’s a good thing to dream. When you dream about something it makes you move forward, you know what I mean…like head towards that goal. ”

Check out the full video where Diafrix reveal where audiences can now preview the album.

Directed, filmed and edited by Daniel Taylor

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