Interview: Fall Out Boy – Saving Rock And Roll (Part 1)

As they make their way through Australia on their eagerly awaited crusade to Save Rock And Roll, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and Andy Hurley were put to the coals by Music Feeds as we delved into their recent reunion, their forthcoming album and their thoughts on the recent My Chemical Romance split.

Part 1 of the interview kicks off with what we like to hear the most – why Australia is awesome. All too often reunion tours, no matter how much we demand them, won’t venture this far past the equator but it seems we were always on the band’s list for this run of shows, and hopefully many more in the future.

Their reunion at the start of the year took fans by storm. In an age where content is king and the need for immediacy has consumed us all, it’s difficult to fathom that a reunion of this caliber could go under the radar of those quick-typing tweens. Even paparazzi didn’t know what to make of it when they noticed Pete and Andy at lunch one time.

The pair speak about what it took to keep things on the DL, and why there was simply no other way.

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