Interview: Future Love Hangover On MFTV, 2012

Future Love Hangover (aka Jack Prest) recently realised he was from the future, transported back to 1983 by a shaman, who removed his soul and placed him into the body in which he now resides. The big mystery to him today is that he doesn’t know why he is here, and therefore he decided that he needed some way to find out why he came back from the future.

“The music kinda came before this future thing, I wrote this album and the album was really just an exploration of my life and what was going on with me over the last sort of 4 years or so. And through the completion of that album I had this revelation.”

According to Prest, in the future, music albums don’t exist. There is something called an ‘exposure’, which is a web-based portal where only artistic merit exists and nothing is attempted to be sold to the visitor. A ‘frame’ (i.e. single release) is a slice of an exposure that becomes extracted and mass-consumed. Future Love Hangover’s first frame is officially released on SoundCloud today, and apparently it’s the best thing available today because it’s free, openly available, sharable, able to be streamed, and downloadable for future generations.

“The first frame came out today, which is called Let You Down; yeah, it’s just a track about an experience that I had.”

In addition to this frame, there will be a short film available to view late next week on his website

Over the next few months there will be a series of frames added, with the full exposure being released late October. The website is like a visual scrapbook with photos and media posted that document the creation of his artwork.

“Increasingly, even at an independent level, music is just becoming a commodity. As a musician, that presents a problem that we’ve basically oversupplied the market and music is now worth nothing. So in a bid to restore some kind of value to music, I’m basically trying to incorporate it into a fine art thing, into a performance, photography, video and even in the music itself, really trying to do something different and creative to try and push it into a new area… I think as a whole the music industry has grown stale and is slowly dying.”

Most importantly for Future Love Hangover, the idea of an ‘exposure’ is that it rewards the artist and audience for time not money. He plans to reward audiences with a free download if they spend the full 38 minutes of the recording on the website. It doesn’t cost any money, but an investment in 38 minutes of your life is the payment.

Prior to this project, Jack Prest has DJ’d, been involved in community radio, and released under the name Flatwound, which made disco, house, and funk music. To celebrate the development towards his first ‘exposure’, Future Love Hangover will be performing this Saturday in Sydney’s CBD bar ‘Since I left You’ on Kent street. Additionally, you can catch his support performance with Big Dumb Kid at Good God this Thursday night.

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