Interview: Georgia Fair On Trusting Their Instincts

Aussie folk rock duo Georgia Fair are in the midst of working on their third studio album, to follow-up their spectacular full-length Trapped Flame, and this time round they’re taking a whole new approach, even handling the production seat themselves.

“It’s been really refreshing,” they explain. “It’s been a bit of a vortex of emotions as far as how we feel about it, but it’s always been something we’ve wanted to do, so to finally have the opportunity to do it, is exciting.”

The duo tell us their trusting their gut instinct this time round and getting ideas down as soon as they form. “If we want something like a sound, we’ll just get it. Use what we have to use. And whatever we grab first that’s what’ll stick. It just feel the right way, it feel natural.”

That’s not to say they haven’t had a little help from friends, even enlisting the help of 44th Sunset‘s Nik Thompson on their single Break. “He added a little bit of stardust. He’s got amazing energy you know. He’s got a lot of energy. We need that.”

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